June 25, 2009

should i do a makeup/shirts sale

hi girls i was wondering if u girls are interested in a makeup sale from slightly used makeup from  limited edition prooductsto regular products  to new some are mac and smashbox and other brands 

clothes are from my moms store that i have extras to sell since i bought to re-sell
not my size different sizes also nice clothing well i think well theres 2 hello kitty blouses with are adorable i got one i have them in medium but theres more different blouses ill take pictures and everything so u can see what im tallking about so what u say????

paypal only payments

im trying to get money to fix my laptop/got a viruses and other stuff and it cost $200 to fix so i can upload new videos and stop boring computers to upload my video
so what u say can u girls help out? by buying some stuff>>???


  1. Girl, post it up on this and yt...i bet you'll sell almost everything. I know I'll be looking at your items for sale =)

  2. yes leslie let us see heheh ur stuff for sale

  3. Yeppers! I would totally buy some of your stuff!